Versions of Marshals & Myrmidons

Adventures on Harnacaff Volume 1

Including 2 character wheels (male and female), 6 adventure wheels (these are the scenarios that the players encounter as they travel across the land) and 3 combat and saving wheels. In addition this also includes the digital HTML manual with all the rules and information on the inhabitants and places in the country of Astrakhan on the planet Harnacaff. This includes a rich backstory that can be used to enhance your game sessions. Finally there are dozens of interactive maps that can be zoomed in and out, also you can place markers to keep track of your party, and all major points of interest on the map include links back to the manual to quickly reference anything.

The Adventure Wheels of Adventures on Harnacaff Vol 1

Adventures on Harnacaff Volume 2

This includes everything in volume 1, plus additional wheels and content for the rest of the planet Harnacaff. Including Mountainous Encounters, Metropolitan Menagerie, Beast Feast, Pathos Wheel (this wheel specifically focuses on your pathos. Are you pathetic enough to get out of these sticky and sometimes hilarious situations?) In addition, there will be more maps for each of the countries of Harnacaff included along with more cities.

Interplanetary Adventures Vol 1: Heroes of Harnacaff

This includes the complete Adventures on Harnacaff (Volumes 1 and 2), plus first planned space expansion: Interplanetary Adventures Volume 1. This will include new Character Wheels, new space-themed wheels, and 20 new planets to explore.

We have 2 more volumes of the Interplanetary Adventures planned each with around 25 more planets each.


Adventure Wheel Prototyper: This tool will allow our budding Game Masters to add custom wheels to the game. These custom wheels can also be shared with other game masters. They only require 2 text files and a small graphic. With this tool debugging the wheels becomes easy because you can manually move the rings to create any combination to check for consistency. Please note that these wheels will not look as good as the other wheels because the text for them will be drawn on a blank, generic wheel. But they will be just as functional as the other wheels.

Map Builder: This tool allows adding custom maps into the game. Markers can be placed to indicate and label anything on the map. Links can be created between custom maps to jump between them, and the scale can be defined to allow for measuring of distance.