Details of Marshals & Myrmidons


In the universe of Marshals & Myrmidons, our initial setting is the planet Harnacaff a post-technological society, as a result of a massive world war which occurred a few thousand years ago. The outcome of the war threw the planet back into a medieval technology level. It has been long enough now that only a few remember what happened and still have access to technology from that era. 

However, Marshals & Myrmidons is not all about the medieval level of technology, we have a vast galaxy of other planets we will eventually release in the Interplanetary Adventures.  There are currently about 70 planets that have been established in our Galaxy.  After we finish the details about Harnacaff, we will be putting together details on the rest of the galaxy, and new wheels to aid in exploring the galaxy.

Design Philosophy

We have designed the game to be fun for everyone, no matter how much or little experience they have with table-top RPGs. Where players are encouraged to work together to get out of sticky situations, and sometimes to create sticky situations. And where the challenges, scenarios, and solutions are as varied as the players themselves.

The interactive adventure and character wheels are easy for beginners to learn and provide a fast-paced way to play this table-top RPG. To accomplish this we use a system of 3 separate rings that simultaneously work together to allow players to quickly create unique combinations of characters and situations. From that was born a series of wheels that allowed for, not only unique and random characters, but also outrageous situations and scenarios.

The set of physical Adventure Wheels from Adventures on Harnacaff Vol 1.

An outrageous example from Perils on the Plains Adventure Wheel:



And sometimes they are desperate like this example from Under the Trees Adventure Wheel:



A final example of an unexpected encounter from the upcoming Metropolitan Menagerie adventure wheel:



What are you going to do? Whistle with the vipers around a camp fire or save the pilgrims or pay off the snotty-nosed innkeeper?

Why Steam & Greenlight

Why would a game like this even belong on Steam? To answer that, it is quite simple, Steam Workshop support. We currently have the ability to allow custom wheels and maps to be added into the game dynamically. Allowing users to add this content to their game through Steam Workshop, would open up a kinds of new possibilities for our users. Of course the other benefit of being on Steam would be the game streaming and social networking features that would allow remote players to connect with other groups and still see what is going on.